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Its simple to get an underfloor heating quote for the John Guest Speedfit underfloor heating system.

Email across the floor plan of the areas you wish to heat, along with a few simple notes and we will get back to you with a quote.

What you need to send:

  • Floor plan
  • Location of the manifold for each floor
  • Which rooms are to be included and if it should have its own wired or wireless heating control.
  • Heat source - gas boiler / oil boiler / heat pump etc
  • Floor construction and the preferred fixing system
  • Finished floor covering

Send the above details to info@dartblue.co.uk together with your contact details and we will get back to you soon.


Why John Guest Speedfit Underfloor Heating?

JG Speedfit Underfloor Heating is committed to developing energy efficient heating solutions. Bringing together the best and latest technologies, we provide design-lead solutions underpinned with unrivalled technical support.

Underfloor Heating at John Guest Speedfit

With You Every Step of the Way

We give you all the help and support you need – before, during and after installation. Whether your project is small, big or complex, we offer a free design, estimation and technical support service. With our experience, you can be assured that our experts will design the most energy efficient solution with easy to follow CAD drawings.

High-Quality Products that Save Time and Money

By combining our push-fit technology with ultra flexible JG Layflat® pipe, pipe fixing systems and pre-assembled manifolds, we offer a comprehensive range of UFH systems that are quick and easy to install. Plus our 15mm pipe also reduces waste as any overcuts can be used on your next plumbing job.

JG Aura: A Smarter Way to Control Heat

At the heart of our heating control concept is our unique 4-in-1 thermostat for the remote regulation of underfloor heating, radiators and hot water. Reduce fuel bills and energy consumption by between 15-20% with individual and multi room control. Heating can also be controlled from anywhere and at anytime using the free JG Aura App.

Universal Heating Control

We offer a wide range of underfloor heating solutions to suit any project type or size. Whether you are installing underfloor heating downstairs or radiators upstairs – or vice versa – you can combine Speedfit UFH with JG Aura Wireless TRVs to enable full zonal control of both radiators and underfloor heating.

Unrivalled Technical Support

Although we are global company we are still a family run business that understands the importance of serving local customers. Within the UK plumbing and heating market, we boast one of the largest technical sales support teams providing onsite assistance for first time installers and helpdesk support for more seasoned installers.

Download the JG Underfloor Heating Guide (pdf)

JG UFH Guide

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Speedfit UFH Manifold

Speedfit UFH manifold 2 port

John Guest Speedfit Underfloor Heating 2 Zone Manifold - JGUFHMAN2/2
£163.21 incl tax